Can you see through the financial jungle?

Managing your personal finances can be quite complicated. Choosing the right product requires a lot of time and it is often difficult to assess what is best for you. Lack of clarity and uncertainty are not far away, when it comes to financial products and advisors. Sound familiar?

Compaio provides orientation.

Compaio is about you. Your individual situation and personal wishes are in the focus of our recommendations. An intelligent and objective algorithm enables independent financial advice, by showing consumer products of banks, insurers and fintechs in an easy and understandable way. For every kind of product!

Clarity and control for your financial life.

We give you a comprehensive overview of how to reach your financial goals. We recommend you, thanks to our intelligent analysis, only those solutions that fit perfectly with your life. Whenever you need help, we are by your side - objective, transparent and free of charge.